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Number of Stops Up to 64 stops Drive Type Rope VVVF (with ADrive VVVF inverter) Geared Machine Gearless Machine (with or without machine room) Lift Speed Up to 4 m/s Control Type Full collective Up or Down Collective Group Command Up to 8 elevators...

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MIKRONIK S-HI/P Has CAN-Bus based serial communication with car. Is designed to serve for high rise lifts. Is designed for quick and fault free connections in the control panel. For Gearless, VVVF, two speed and hydraulic lifts. Maximum number of stops that can be serviced up to 16 and operation up to 1,60 m/s....

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SX PLUS Usage on all rope and hydraulic lifts, Serial communication via plug-in CAN Bus cable with landing operation panels (LOPs) up to 16 floors for all types of call collecting, Working capacity up to 1,60 m/s speed with VVVf speed control device, Capacity to assign card location, stopping distance and level adjustment area...

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