Safely Reduce Rail Installation Time!

The Wurtec False Car used in combination with a Wire Rope Climber will reduce the time needed to install guiderails and hoistway equipment. Plus it is a much safer and a more economical method.

It is time to discover what the largest elevator companies in the world have been using for years!


Key Features


  • 680kg or 1130kg capacity at 0.18 m/s
  • Collapsible for easy storage and transport
  • 4 separate braking systems when used as a complete system
  • Made in USA of light weight, high strength aluminum construction
  • Available with canopy for overhead protection
  • Thousands in use throughout the world


Your Kit Includes:


(1) False Car
(1) Adjustable Platform
(1) Regular Canopy
(2) Galvanized Wire Rope 75m
(1) Climber Power Cord (Single Phase)
(1) Cable Climber

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