• Worm gear with tempered worm shaft above
  • Available with or without outer bearing
  • Machine frame with rubber insulation pads
  • Thrust ball bearing for worm shaft
  • All rotating parts are carefully balanced to quality grade O<2.5 according to VDI 2060


  • Foot motors according to IEC, with elastic coupling
  • Motors without additional casing
  • Bronze gliding bearings
  • All motors with forced ventilation
  • All motors include tropical insulated windings


  • With or without deflection pulley
  • Single or double acting brake magnet
  • Digital encoder with regulated drive
  • Rope retaining guard
  • Integrated hand wheel-combined with flywheel on 2 speed motors
  • All components painted with gray primer, with moving parts in yellow
  • Optional sheave cover according to EN-81 available


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